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How can you help Donate Volunteer Career
Be part of the Literacy Movement 
It takes more than just one Organization to bring about a change.
Your support will help empower these economically and socially marginalized children 
through education. Here’s how you can make a difference with your support 
Basic Education and Nutrition for poor children.
Particulars  INR (Rs.)  $$ Euros
Per centre per year (10 Months) 1,31,527/- 1948.84/- 1759.09/-
Per child per Year (10 Months) 5,804/- 86.00/- 77.62/-
Per child per month (30 Days) 581/- 8.60/- 7.77/-
Per child per day 20/- 0.29/- 0.26/-
Boarding Children
Particulars  INR (Rs.)  $$ Euros
Per child per Year (10 Months) 26,650/- 394.87/- 356.43/-
Per child per month (30 Days) 2,665/- 39.49/- 35.64/-
Per child per day 89/- 1.32/- 1.19/-

Note : (Conversion Rates Used)  1$ =  Rs. 67.49/-   1€ =  Rs.74.77/-

You can also donate in kind towards
Stationery items, Slates, Uniforms, Children’s school Bags, Water bottles etc
Old working condition Computers, Laptops, Tablets etc.
Packaged Food items like biscuits, sweets, chocolates etc 
Sponsor Food or Snacks at our various events like Annual Day, Staff Picnics, Children’s day
You can also donate with offer of services
Pay for Bus/Train transportation for Children’s educational excursions to Mumbai or out of Mumbai
Pay for tickets to various educational, art, music and cultural events in and around Mumbai for our children and  teachers.
Pay for excursions to Essel World, Choki Dani, Tikuji-ni –wadi as one day picnics
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