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Think of children in dark, dingy factories. Think of children in rag-picking. Think of children in far away rural areas. Theirs is a life of struggle, of hopelessness, of salvaging garbage to eke out a living, of ill equipped schools. Their world is surrounded with darkness, darkness of illiteracy. Dreams there never were. Their world is the slum or the village. It begins and ends there.
The better place is school. Unfortunately, this is still is a distant dream. Yet, we know, the future of the country is shaped in her classrooms...
REAP opens up for them a new world through education, a world beyond their slum or village, a chance to dream again. Through a unique programme that literally takes education to their doorstep, it is transforming lives. It starts with a child and ends with the elders, especially women, bringing in its loop an empowerment of peoples.
Thank you for visiting us. Your support will bring more smiles on the faces of children. Thank you for your time.
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